Agile Acumen= Brilliant Proficiency

Judges Night

As trial lawyers, we don’t just litigate to win in court, but if we are lucky, we get to change behaviors and shape policies that shape your business, your place of work, where you spend more than 50% of your waking hours each workday.

Knowledge, Innovation, Endurance.

At MLFPC, we challenge the status quo. New perspectives bring about new policies, new laws, and new social and legal norms. We are innovating the way workplaces are managed in the ever-changing world of employment law.

MLFPC represents individuals and businesses of all sizes, ranging from sole proprietorships to mid-sized startups, non-profit organizations as well as companies operating and managing workforces nationwide. Representative engagements include healthcare industries, restaurants, non-profits, tech start-ups, contractors, real estate and private equity investors.

As evidence of our successful philosophy of supporting clients, MLFPC has many returning clients requiring the firm’s legal expertise on an ongoing basis.

Brilliance, your way.

When we talk diamonds, brilliant is just the cut. Diamond’s incomparable hardness makes this precious stone an appropriate symbol for durability and constancy.

  • Did you know that the only thing that can scratch a diamond is another diamond?
  • Did you know that in order to burn a diamond you need a temperature of around 1,300 degrees?
  • Did you know that diamonds are the hardest natural substance on Earth?
  • Did you know the name “diamond,” comes from the Greek word for “invincible?”

A Lesson from Diamonds: Every Client is a Diamond.
A diamond is the hardest gemstone of all and very rare. That’s because they can only form in areas below the Earth’s surface where extreme pressure and heat is present.The diamonds make their way to the Earth’s surface through a special kind of volcanic eruption that comes from deep in the Earth.Its first discovery was in the year 1859 in South Africa at Northern Cape. From then, Diamonds became very much famous by the enhancement in the supply as well as the advanced technology which enabled the Diamond cutting, shaping, polishing as well as finishing.

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