"Elnaz has been an integral part of helping to establish my business on a solid legal foundation.
She takes the time to simplify complex legal jargon, gets back to me within a reasonable time and does it all with courtesy and respect.
I appreciate her in depth knowledge of employment law.  She helped provide me the counsel to make informed decisions."


"At first I was intimidated by the case, the lively office, the busy people. I wasn't sure whether I even had a case to pursue but it was good to talk to Elnaz. She listened. And her advise was not sugarcoated, she just laid out the facts. She said only if I know what to expect can I make a good decision. She didn't put pressure on me at all. I was ready after a few days and it was a good thing I had Elnaz Masoom on my side. I was compensated, but most importantly my confidence has been restored. She is a wonderful attorney and a warmhearted person."


"Elnaz does an excellent job of getting in front of issues and preventing them from occurring.  I recently had to lay someone off from my company for performance.  It was further complicated by the fact that the person's spouse was an HR specialist.  Elnaz did a great job of reviewing the case files, coaching me on my obligations and she even wrote the termination letter for me.  And she responded quickly to my request for help.  She is knowledgable and fair.  I highly recommend her."


"As employment laws have become much more complex recently, including the "contractor versus employee" status, I have sent several of my clients to Elnaz for legal assistance both as employees and as business owners.  She has done a great job helping them understand their best course of action, and I truly appreciate the great service she has given them!"


"I worked with Elnaz this year in a few situations.  She was professional and knowledgeable, but more importantly, I felt I could trust her to have my back in an especially difficult matter that was personal for me.  She was clear-headed and helped me be the same. It made a huge difference in the final success of the endeavor to my great relief.  So glad she's on my team!"


"Had a Business Owner Customer having Employee issues.... 
He wanted to make sure he was doing the right thing (notifications, reg's & alike) and I worked with Elnaz who is a TOP FLIGHT SPECIALIST in employee/employer relations, if you need help & do not want to be in trouble with the Dept of Labor... Call Elnaz!
Affordable & knowledgeable seems like the best combination to me!"


"Elnaz helped me with a false termination case against my employer.  We were able to resolve the case quickly and negotiate a significantly larger settlement than my employer was originally offering.  I have dealt with a number of lawyers for a number of different issues and I often feel like my case is an after-thought to them, I have to remind them to accomplish something or I have to constantly request status updates.  I didn't feel that way with Elnaz.  I felt that she was proactive in working on my case and I felt like my case was important to her."


Elnaz was one of few attorneys who called me back on my case.
She helped me decide between a wrongful termination case or negotiating a severance agreement.  On more than one occasion, she worked late in the evening when information came in that was needed to make a decision.  Her counsel on the pros and cons of each option was clear. 
Although seeking the advice of an attorney was expensive, it was more than worth it in the end.  Even well intentioned correspondence can have unanticipated negative effects unless it is written with the law in mind.  Her guidance on writing business correspondence that made legal sense was crucial in sending the right message and attaining a final result that was fair for both parties.


"We have been working with Masoom Law's firm and Ms.Elnaz Masoom for more than 2 years . This firm helped us with establishing our company and they are helping us with a fraud case in Court . I have to say this office and Miss Masoom always were fair,responsible and fair to us."

-Shahram Z., Cupertino, CA